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The 10 Most Bizarre WTF Gadgets – You Won’t Believe These Wild Creations Exist!

The 10 Most Bizarre WTF Gadgets – You Won’t Believe These Wild Creations Exist!

The 10 Most Bizarre WTF Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

We live in a world where technology is advancing by the minute. Every day, new gadgets are being created and released to the public. Some gadgets are useful, some are useless, and some are just plain weird. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most bizarre WTF Gadgets you won’t believe exist.

1. The Stick N’ Find Bluetooth Sticker

The Stick N’ Find Bluetooth Sticker is a small device that attaches to any item and can help you find it with your smartphone. You can attach it to your keys, your wallet, or even your pet. The Bluetooth connection allows you to see the location of your item in real-time, so you’ll never be without it again.

2. The HAPIfork

The HAPIfork is a fork that keeps track of your eating habits. It monitors the speed at which you’re eating and reminds you when you’re eating too fast. This can help you lose weight and be more mindful of your eating habits.

3. The Smarty Ring

The Smarty Ring is a smart ring that connects to your smartphone and displays notifications on your finger. It vibrates when you receive a call, message, or email and displays the caller’s name and number on the ring. It also keeps track of your fitness levels and has a built-in alarm clock.

4. The Pavlok Wristband

The Pavlok Wristband is a wristband that helps you break bad habits. It uses electric shocks to give you a “jolt” when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, such as smoking or eating too much.

5. The Petcube

The Petcube is a device that allows you to interact with your pet while away from home. It has a camera, microphone, and laser pointer so you can watch, talk, and play with your pet. You can also access the Petcube app to see what your pet is up to.

6. The Moodmetric Ring

The Moodmetric Ring is a wearable device that tracks your mood. It measures your galvanic skin response (GSR) and uses it to give you an indication of your emotional state. The data is displayed on the Moodmetric app, where you can track your emotional wellbeing over time.

7. The SmartShopper

The SmartShopper is an automated grocery list creator. It uses voice recognition technology to listen to your grocery list and generate a shopping list. You can add items to the list by speaking or scanning barcodes. The list is then synced to your smartphone so you can access it while shopping.

8. The Panobike Smart Bike Computer

The Panobike Smart Bike Computer is a bike computer that tracks your performance while cycling. It records your speed, distance, altitude, and calories burned. The data is synced with the Panobike app, where you can compare your rides and see your progress over time.

9. The FabrikantTech Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

The FabrikantTech Wi-Fi Coffee Maker is a coffee maker that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can control it with your smartphone and set it to make coffee at a specific time. You can also adjust the strength of the coffee and set it to make different types of coffee.

10. The Smart Garden

The Smart Garden is a garden monitoring system that helps you grow your plants. It uses sensors to measure things like temperature, humidity, and water levels, and then adjusts the environment accordingly. You can also access the Smart Garden app to monitor your plants and get tips on how to care for them.

From the Stick N’ Find Bluetooth Sticker to the FabrikantTech Wi-Fi Coffee Maker, these 10 bizarre WTF Gadgets are sure to surprise you. They’re all available now, so why not check them out here at FabrikantTech?